Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tip 6 : Facing Not So Good Result

Facing Not So Good Result (short form : NSGR)

Usually this is where the major problem is. Even before the result were out, some of us had already anticipated to get a NSGR. These are not healthy of course, but let’s not talk about that.

Most of the time, we say we can “feel” that our result would be NSG. But at the same time we haven’t prepare ourselves for this. That’s the big problem. When the result is really out, in our heart we can say “Oh shoots! I knew it…” some part of us may feel like “oh well, at least I have anticipated this, so I am not so crushed” well I say, oh really? I have been in that place, trust me, getting something bad that had been anticipated is not relieving at all. Even how much we anticipated it, its not a positive feeling when our initial feeling is not positive at all.

But what about those who never anticipate having a NSGR but it turns out the other way around. Most people would be very surprised and therefore will be very socked and therefore will be very depressed…. That’s a lot of “very”. Well, I have to say, yeah, it could be… But it could be different. This is how I found a way to get over my NSGR.

FYI, I NEVER anticipated to have to resit O&G in fact, I am VERY confident that I will pass. Ask Rahmah my housemate, she’ll testify to that statement :D… Luckily, by the time I receive the NSG news, I had already master some art of positive thinking skill.

The news about my result was sent to me in a form of a handphone call when I was on my way back home. It was Rahmah (as usual, hehe…), when she told me that I have to resit 1 posting, I ask, her “was it O&G”. Of course, even though I did not anticipate to have NSGR for O&G it was very unlikely to be surgery posting (surgery was the best 3rd year posting for me). She said, yes it was O&G. I don’t know why, but something in my heart, well actually I’m quite certain its something from the subconscious mind, a message from Allah, tell me to say ; “Alhamdulillah”. So I did, I say it, even though I don’t deny I was quite shocked. It was a weird response, I was not even sure if Rahmah heard it, I also feel that the word does not fit the situation. But the word “Alhamdulillah” itself, have its own power. The minute I say the word, what plays in my mind was “hey at least just one, I should be thankful”. The aura of the word “Alhamdulillah” is an aura of gratefulness. I guess its true after all that words are the follower of the heart (refer to link) not the other way around. Because I just say a word that mirrors the essence of gratefulness in the first reaction to the news, the subsequent responses were amazing. 

"Orang hebat akan sabar apabila diuji,syukur apabila diberi nikmat... Orang yang lebih hebat akan syukur apabila diuji, sabar apabila diberi nikmat" ~~My Quote

It was like a soft rain falling on my face. Every drop of thoughts falls down so peacefully; it was both relaxing and exhilarating. The thoughts that keep falling were the reasons why I was to resit. There were a lot of positive reasons; honestly these reasons are not reasons I made up to make me feel better. They are just thoughts flashing in my minds. Again, I’m convinced that this is the work of the subconscious mind. When we think positive, the door to happiness will open for us, we don’t need to search for it. That was the beauty of it.

There was one particular reason that I like the most;

Why do you have to resit? Before this you never resit in your whole life of a medical student even though your performance was worst before. It was because now you are ready to face it. Before this, you were weak, full of fear of other people perception, you are competitive, and you definitely can’t stand such a test from God. Now that you are more positive and stronger, this test is given to you so that you can improve on your study skills and your love for medicine.

This was the best reason that crosses my mind, other reasons were:

  • To be able to understand O&G more
  • To be able to spend time with Mar and Anis
  • To be able to experience life as a resitter
  • So that I will not be afraid of failing exams anymore
  • So that we can help each other during the resit posting
  • Spending time at KTDI is a life more disciplined
  • My skills wont be so rusty to be use when I enter 5th year

But the more time spent at KTDI in the resit posting week, I found out even more advantages of resitting. I am convinced that if I had face the news differently’ the door to happiness will not be open automatically. I will have to struggle to find ways to open that door. But positive thinking made all the difference. 

What determines a positive attitude and feelings is not how much we struggle to be positive, but its how much we let go to be positive. Being positive is all about letting go. Let go fears, anxiety, stress worries, be in peace and accepting. Listen to our subconscious, the message from Allah and the rest just leave to our subconscious, Allah message will find its way to our thinking and we will find it so easy to feel happy. 

But one particular tip that can easily be used here is the use of the word "Alhamdulillah". Allah's names have its own power, believe me, it can work wonders. When we leave it to Allah, Allah will give us His protection and security

Link: Follower of the words

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