Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Can't Wait to Finish This Exam!! :D

Oh I'm so happy!

I really can’t wait to finish this exam! No… not because I want to enjoy the freedom… are you kidding me? Medical student will never be free of the need to study. By the time we choose to be in the medic course we should have already anticipated that. But, that’s where life gets even better. Can you imagine how exciting this life is? I mean really, we are being rewarded to study, how can we NOT study! Every single thing we study is because we are going to save a life in the future, save a mother from losing a child, save a child from losing a mother, save a leg from being cut off, and most of all that I am very looking forward to is to save a soul and bring it to back to Allah’s road. Oh…. What a sweeeeeet life…… I can’t wait for all those things. The real reward is not JPA my friend… No, no, no… Yup, it’s the pahala from Allah…. Of course, provided that our niat is pure enough. So okay I missed a few years studying because I want to pass the exam, but hey, at least I realized it now, I got two more years to go. Let’s just focus on making those two years a happy happy time!

I really can’t wait to finish this exam! After this I am going to concentrate on my study plan for next year (year 4 insyaAllah). Oh yes! I am going to make it BIG this time, and I’m hoping to get the entire medic student’s of UKM to get involved. Any UKM medic students, who are reading this, get ready for that. I am planning to get all of us together to create a book. A book of mind maps and short notes. Hopefully, all students from all postings can get involved so that by the end of the first posting, there will a complete set of mind maps and short notes from all different postings. Rahmah have approved the idea, insyaAllah will be under the Zero Repeaters Campaign. I will post the details later.

I really can’t wait to finish this exam! I think my parents really misses me… huhu… My articles in Metamorphosis blog will be edited and will be published in the Lestari magazine, insyaAllah. My dad has read my articles, and he seems interested. I’m looking forward to concentrate on my book, but I’m pretty sure it won’t finish in the mean time. I’m not hoping to finish the book as soon as possible; I’m hoping that the content will be as meaningful as possible. If meaningful means I have to gain more experience, then bring it on!

I really can’t wait to finish this exam! I can’t wait to enter the next, “whatever year it would be”, I don’t care. After realizing the importance of studying during the medical student life, I am going to study, not harder but more sincere. Being sincere makes all the difference. If we respect knowledge, knowledge will be there. If we treat it like garbage, it will leave us behind. I’m looking forward to become a better student, more committed, more motivated, more motivating, more loved, more confidence and more of everything good! A good start is a start that actually started!

success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing you will be successful 

I just can't wait to finish this exam because I just can't wait to just move forward and forward! There are always great things waiting to happen tomorrow, there is no doubt that every single seconds of our life is a life lesson, something for us to gain, something good. When we leave it to Allah 100% we will find, life is so peaceful, beautiful and just…. Indescribable… 

Hoping for a beautiful tomorrow will make us happy today... Therefore everyday will be filled with happiness until there is no more tomorrow

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