Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tip 1: 1 Day Before Exam

If we want to do the last minute "study scan"

Mulakan dgn doa “al-fatihah”, selepas ayat “iyya kana’ budu wa iyya kanas ta’in” , doa dalam hati “Ya Allah, jadikanlah ilmu ini meresap dalam mindaku dan berguna bagiku” pastu sambung the rest of the doa.
  1. Take a deep breath and tell ourselves that we are relaxed
  2. Take a second or two to breathe in and out
  3. With calmness and peace just go through mind maps and short notes
  4. Understand and don’t strain to remember all points, just focus on the important points.
  5. Try to scan as much, but don’t push ourselves
  6. Stay happy and calm throughout the day
  7. Increase the amount of solat sunat and pray longer to Allah. Pray to gain His help, not to pass exam. Pray that whatever we do for this exam will be useful in the future to help others. It’s all depending on our intention or “niat”
  8. Sleep early, maximum at 11-11.30pm

Before going to sleep

Imagine or visualize….
  • That tomorrow as we enter the exam hall, there was a big smile on our face, our friend’s faces and the lecturers.
  • As we open the question, we smile because we know the answers to the questions
  • In fact we, all of the questions were answerable as all of them had been read and discussed
  • We are going through the questions so easily and all of the answers were marked with confidence.
  • As the lecturer said, time is up; we put our pens down with a smile on our face because we have answer satisfactorily.
  • As we walked out the room, we smiled to the lecturers and thanked them for the exam, and they smiled back having faith that we will pass
  • Don’t forget to feel the emotions as we are visualising

The science behind it

When we are in a state of peace and calm, we will be intact with our subconscious. The subconscious mind will also take up the information we read as we go through the notes. The information is there, stored in the subconscious mind. During the exams, sometimes we know we read somewhere regarding the question. Don’t strain and try so hard to remember what it was. Take a deep breath, and stay calm, let the answer come naturally. The only way to get intact with the subconscious is to be calm. If we are taking too much time, go to the next question. Sometimes the answer will come later. If we have read it, it is there stored somewhere in our mind, we just have to retrieve it, to do that we have to be calm.

When we imagine that we can answer satisfactorily in the exam, the next day, we will be expecting that we can answer with calmness and peace. Therefore, our mindset is to answer the question a state where we will be calm. When we expect good things, good things will happen. During the real exam there may be some questions that we don’t know, just take a deep breath, and remember about all those other questions that we can answer without a problem. We can’t expect perfection of course. Just tawakal, pray that Allah will guide our hand and mind to the right answer and answer it. Just believe that the answer we choose is right. Believe me, after the exam we will feel satisfied and grateful. Even if we go back and check for the answers, if we got it wrong, just smile and say “hey, at least I learn something new…”

If we find it hard to be in a state of peace, try to do solat sunat hajat and solat sunat taubat to seek for forgiveness. Sometimes, it’s difficult to feel calm when we feel like we made a lot of sins. Cleanse ourselves to gain confidence that Allah will help us. If we put our faith 100% to Allah, that’s when Allah will sent His help…

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