Friday, April 23, 2010

Tip 3: Post Exam

Right after exam

As Mar suggested (again,hehe..)

“kuar exam hall ngan tenang,elakkan berbincang ttg soklan yg telah dijawab,bykkan berdoa...keep praying...tawakal...”

Additional things to do

  • Do not talk too much, try to be in peace
  • Avoid going out to have some fun because we want to “release tension”, instead….
  • Take a short nap, before that nap, pray: 
  • “Ya Allah, as when I wake up, cleanse me out of my worries, fill me with syukur, armed me with sabar… Make me Your faithful servant that will always be under Your guidance and may peace fill my life always”
  • After that do sunat prayer (or during any solah), and thank Allah for the exam, regardless of how we do it


Sleeping is a good way to recharge the mind. After exams, our mind had been working in an unusual environment. It is in an acidic condition. The sleep will help the mind to let go, calm our mind back and bring it to our natural pH 7.5 state. This will also help to energize the body and the mind will be able to produce a healthy thinking throughout the day.

We should also avoid going out having fun because our mind is still in that acidic condition. Fun and enjoyment is also acidic. Anything more extreme than peace is acid, anything too low from peace (laziness) is alkaline to the mind. Therefore the mind will become more acidic if we straight away go out o have fun. After that we will find it more difficult to be find calmness.

Besides, if we go out to “release” the acid, if somehow we find it soothing, this is like teaching the mind, the exam is something to be release. This is very unhealthy. This is one of the reasons why sometimes we tend to treat ourselves to “study because of exam”. We should let the mind know, the exam is actually just one of the process of learning for the future. That way, we will study because of something nobler.

If we want to go out it’s okay, but make sure the mind knows that the exam is not something to be treated as such, to be released once it’s over. If we want to go out, it should be because we feel like rewarding ourselves because we manage to do the exam well. This way we will feel happy, our mind will be happy. Talk about happy things during that time.

What are other things we can do after exam?

First and foremost is tawakal. But did you know that we can still “usaha” even after the exam? This can only be done through prayers. Here’s how:

  • Pray that Allah will have mercy on us, gives us patience and feeling of gratefulness
  • Give and pray a fatihah for the examiner, before that pray this:
  • “Ya Allah, aku sampaikan fatihah ini kepada examiner yang akan menanda kertasku, semoga mereka berada dalam keadaan selamat, tenang, gembira dan murah hati. Nampakkanlah padanya apa yang baik untukku, palingkanlah dia pada apa yang tidak baik dariku… Sesungguhnya Engkau Yang Maha Kuasa lagi Maha Mengetahui, berikanlah apa yang baik disisiMu pada diriku, dan jadikanlah aku hambaMu yang sabar dan syukur”
  • Remember to always pray that Allah will gives us whatever that is “best” from His side not to pray that Allah pass us this exam. So anything we received will be the BEST for us. NEVER question otherwise, accept whatever happen with sabar and syukur. Belive that Allah had answered our prayer.
  • If we are still afraid that our prayer is not answered, fast for a day or two and pray. Prayers of those who fast will be granted. (But actually Allah really answer all our prayer, there is no need to worry)

The reason behind

The fact is, after the exam only Allah can do something. Therefore, as long as the result have not come out yet, there is still hope. Put our hope on the one that holds every soul in the Universe, Allah. He can manipulate His being. Anything can still happen, kun fa ya kun. Believe in Allah if we want Allah to love us.

p/s: anything written here is merely my point of view, there is no scientific evidence. But sleep really does recharge the mind :)

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