Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tip 5 : Facing Good Exam Result

Well, there is no tip needed to face a good result now is there? At least that what most people would think. Just because we pass with or without flying colors doesn’t mean we’re free as a bird… in fact, being able to pass with ease to me is even harder to face rather than failing. It is easy at first, but too much success can make us feel like we are better than those who are not. In our life, when we are studying together there are no winner or loser, we work together to win together. Passing the exam does not mean we win if we treat others like they are losers. I am not referring to anyone, just a thought… in my opinion those who had passed have an OBLIGATION to help their friends, not only giving moral support but if possible we should also offer help in terms of knowledge. If we are free from the burden to have to resit or repeat, we should never abandon our friend who experienced this “delayed in success”.

Some may welcome the help while others may feel intimidated. But that’s okay, when we offer something good to others, people reject, we could just smile and say it in our heart, “oh well, I am not the one at loss, my good deeds is already written and I have done my share of good deeds today”. We are never at loss when we help or even just offer to help; it all depends on our intention (niat).

There is nothing nobler than the sight of the students who have pass helping out their friends who are still in need of help, and also seniors helping out their juniors on their way up. Helping each others is very noble, but we don’t do it for the fame and to ask for favor in return. If we do good deeds without asking anything in return, that is exactly when our deeds will be returned.

Another challenge of facing good result would be how to spend the holidays. Usually at the end of end semester exam the break would be quite long. Without medic stuff to fill the head, our medical skills could be quite rusty. Not to mention some (especially me) who would have weight gain problem during the holidays due to the eat-sleep-tv-eat-sleep-tv schedule… so I guess, helping out our friends could help keeping in touch with our medic skills. Sometimes just studying because we don’t want our skills to be rusted is not a “good enough” reason to study during holidays, so how about helping our beloved friends then? Usually when our intention is for another person, our discipline would be better. (hopefully)

Anyway, just because I write it here doesn’t mean I ever made such a commitment before, hehe… but, insyaAllah I would be more helping in the future if I were to be given the chance.

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