Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tip 7 : Preparing for a new "year"

Actually, this is more like a suggestion rather than a tip. Check it out

  • To make a book of mind maps and short notes from all postings in 4th year, entitled “The Successful Students”. All participants from the making of this book are considered as the Successful Students Team members.
  • Finish the book by the first semester, therefore can be used during the end of semester exams


  • ·         Short notes and mind maps of all the topics in a posting according to the guide book
  • ·         Notes on physical examination
  • ·         Selected notes that are approved by lecturers
  • ·         OSCE section
  • ·         Selected past year’s question
  • ·         Normal values (insyaAllah)
  • ·         PPD section (insyaAllah)

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  • Coordinator: coordinates the whole thing and collect all notes from PIC, publish the book and distribute is accordingly
  • Person In Charge (PIC) : coordinator of their own posting, collects notes from supervisors, elect supervisors and distribute major topics
  • Supervisors: can be more or less than 4 according to PIC election, coordinator of each major topic in a certain posting, distribute specific topics to team members, make sure all notes are complete
  • Team members: do mind maps and short notes according to the respective topics and submit before 1st semester break.

Terms and conditions of the short notes/mind maps
  • ·         Full cooperation and commitment from team members
  • ·         Only those who willingly/volunteer will be participating (to ensure good commitment)
  • ·         The paper, A4 paper, with borders: to avoid “loss of data”

  • ·         Go as detail as possible
  • ·         Diagrams is highly recommended
  • ·         Pictures, printed or drawn is highly recommended as long as it can be seen clearly
  • ·         Important topics should have lecturer’s approval
  • ·         No highlighters allowed
  • ·         Senior’s notes and notes from other sources is acceptable as long as it’s not obsolete
  • ·         Writing should be readable, computer print is recommended
  • ·         No weird short forms
  • ·         Notes given to supervisors should be in original form


the book will be sold to SST members in their original prize,but those who are non members must pay extra,maybe 30% more.if there are non members who wants to buy the book,the extra money can be use as a discount for the members


asrar said...

sgt setuju ngn cdgn ni..
tp cmne kite nk tau sape yg nk contribute wat notes ni ek..

iman said...

itulah yg mnjadi cadang bawak idea ne kpd smua ketua posting n buat rasa bnyk je yg nk join...masalahnya,sy cuma bg idea je,xde authority nk megarahkan insyAllah akan usaha utk bawak ke BBA pulak.doakan berjaya ye...:)

izzah al izzanis said...