Monday, April 11, 2011

How to Begin and Finish your SST notes

Assalamualaikum... To all my friends, here is just some tips if you are not sure how you want to do your notes. This is how i do it. Its simple and fun! At the end of the day, you come out with a note you can feel satisfied with. 

Check it out:

Step 1: Research

Surf the internet for CPG or journals regarding your topic. Our first priority should be the latest Malaysian CPG followed by international CPG, journals, and trusted website. Books are also essential, but usually inadequate. Surfing the net not only ease your process, as you only need to copy, paste and alter some of the words, in addition, some of the information in the internet is presented in a more creative way making it a better choice.

Step 2: Outline

Refer to the previous post on outline of SST notes ( Make sure you have gain all the material to fulfill the outline before starting. Add other things that you found during you research to make your notes more interesting and superb!

Step 3: Fulfilling the outline on Microsoft Office Word

Open a new word document, copy paste the outline and start filling in the outline. If you copy paste from journals, make sure to alter the words so that it is short and concise.
  • If you are typing, don’t use too weird short form. If you do, please provide the clues.
  • Some of the information may be in table form and some other information can be in diagram form.
  • Try to do things in point form

click for larger view

Step 4: Converting the notes to boxes

This is a bit tricky.
Open a new Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation, copy your outline (one sub topic at a time) from word document and paste it into powerpoint. Automatically it will be in boxes. Do for all the outline so that all the outline is in small boxes that can be move around.
  • Give your boxes some outline so that you can alter it later
give outline. Use narrow outline is better
  • Do for all your outline. Use small font (for example : Times New Roman size 9)

Step 5: Planning the whole note

Take a piece of paper, and base on your outline, plan how you want the notes to look like:
Take into consideration the size of boxes of information so that you can estimate the space and how many information you can place in one paper.

 Step 6: Rearranging your notes

Now that you know how you want your notes to look like, just rearrange you boxes around. Add arrown and so on to assist your notes. It may be a little bit different than how you planned, just make sure all your outline are present in the notes.

Have some fun rearranging and touch up your notes until you are satisfied with it. Your notes can be in portrait or landscape

Step 7: Submit your notes to the respective email address

I will accept notes submitted in powerpoint form.
  • for IM notes:
  • for O&G notes :


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