Friday, August 6, 2010

On My Birthday

On my birthday...
I receive 2 very sweet and wonderful gift
From my two very sweet and wonderful friends
Rahmah and Izzanis
Yep, dats my rumiee~
Every year they would wish me a happy birthday without fail
At the middle of the night
Haha… yea,I guess I was expecting it too…
Not because I want it
Just because I knew they would
(but yeah, who wouldn’t want that right?)
The gifts I receive this year
Is slightly different from the previous times
To think that both of them had the time
To “handmade” my present

this is how it looks like...kawaaiiii....

"guys if you're reading this, i just like to say how meaningful these gifts are.., I may not be so gooey and squisshy that night, but deep inside my heart i really appreciate these gifts. i hope we will be friends for ever, and i really mean it... since we live nearby lets promise that it will happen ya? lets juz grow up together n face life challenges together in this path of da'wah that we had sworn to follow for eternity...i wanna wish FRIENDS FOREVER.. and i actually really really mean it this time...:D"

Another great thing about this birthday, is the facebook celebration. I guess this is the first time I had my birthday wished through the facebook. Well, because I just had a facebook for this year. Yeah, I never thought it would be that lively there. Even though there was a lot of birthday wishes, I try to thank em all… there’s an important lesson here for me, on people’s birthday it’s a good thing to wish them a happy birthday through the facebook, because it will decorate their walls, and this makes them happy…:D

Last and definitely not least is the gift from Allah…

I receive motivation, happiness and just before the holy month of Ramadhan too… how lucky! I need those two to make it through this historic month of the year. This year is the best Ramadhan ever! With the study week and exam just around the corner, our force to ‘tawakkal’ will become so much stronger! insyaAllah…

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