Friday, December 17, 2010

My Artwork the 2nd

I have to say that I enjoy making posters for Palestin issues, and even the last time, it came out quite good

I came up with an idea to do a countdown... This is Ramadhan special

Of course we have iftar, always have n always will...

Ah-ha... this is d first KBM-Special poster... don't forget to check out the "story" behind this poster...

this was made for Fahmi's entry, his very first entry.. Go to Link:

I really like the book : Super Health... Its very medic n scientific! I hope to do more posters like these

I really like this poster.... :D

Ha-ha... this is a special father's day poster i guess... This is d first time i have my family member as a model for my poster... Me dad~~~ but there's a sad n touching story to be shared here... Go to link:

and the award for the most popular post goes to~~~Prof Har's talk!!Yeay! congrats to prof har... I guess she have quite an influence :D... Go to link:

and the 2nd most popular post goes tooooo.... DERU!!Oh yeah! im so happy for DERU!!

kisah raja n ikan: 

we have a monthly "ta'lim by ustaz emran.. there will be a third one, n yes, still on shahadah.. shahadatain is very very important people....

more Surau's program...

this poster was made after i met a psychiatric patient who have suicidal ideation... she make me think a lot that i came up with this:

this is actually an artwork i made specially for the book PERSIAP is making, the inter-language book?
i think that was it.. huhu...

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