Thursday, October 21, 2010

This is Me

This is me
This is real
This is who I am suppose to be
If I’m not me u will never see
That this is who I’m supposed to be
I am me

If you see it dark
I may see it differently
If you find it amusing
I might look the other way

You might think I’m not free
When being drown by the rain heavily
But it’s the rainbow I want to see
That’s why I still waited for the sun to smile at me

I might cry harder
I might laugh louder

But this is me
It’s who I always want to be
I’m not pretending
I don’t want to be who you want me to be
Because this is how I’m supposed to be
I am me

My world is a better place when I am me
Because when I am me
Every color has different stories
And every art have different meaning
This life is a lesson for me
No matter what you say
You can never change
What’s inside of me
I am a person who I want to be
This is me

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