Monday, September 6, 2010

Making a Difference

you can make a difference
all you have to do is choose
there is always a way to be the kind of person you want to be....

you see what you want
you wish everyday that the day will come
because every moment that passes by,
you feel that you are not getting closer
to what you want to be

just stop

why is this happening?
close your eyes...
think deep

"why am i not making a difference?"
"why am i still here"
still hoping?
still dreaming?

while the blanket still covers your body,and its warmth is still so soothing
inside that little room
that shell that covers your dream
still in it, hoping and dreaming
have you been fooled?

the time you wasted to entertain you dreams
while the devils whisper lies to your heart
"its not the time yet, you are not ready yet"
when will you be ready then?
what does it take to be ready?


are you scared?
about the consequences?
but is it not true, that Allah knows best?
you are not pushing destiny, you are not creating it...
all you are doing is just opening up your heart and letting it happen

if you want to blossoms
then there is always the obstacles that will stand in your way
but that's what it will always be
nothing more than just obstacles
of all the things Allah created for His faithful servants
why are you not being thankful?
is it not the obstacles that will make you strong?
that will add up to your heart a sense of dependence for The One True God

what else do i have to say
to make you see...
that when you follow what's in the holy Quran
Allah is always by your side
do it
make a difference
and live the life you always wanted to live....

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