Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is it okay?

Is it okay
for me to sit here
wasting my time
on worthless stuffs
waiting to get amused
to fill some empty holes

Is it okay
for me to think
that breaking promises
is considered legal
just because
i am depressed

Is it okay
for me to say
that today its okay
when i'm not sure
will there be tomorrow

Is it okay
for me to keep on
when all i gain
is what i hate

Is it okay
for me to follow
what i always prevent
just because
they are doing it

Is it okay
if i say it out loud
what i feel
because then they will
surely got hurt

Is it okay
for me to blame
others for it
when i'm alone
digging a deadly grave

Is it okay
that if i do something
i dont include
them in my scheme
at the end of day
considered selfish

Is it okay
if i did it
and all i gain
is just their hate
and their annoyance

Is it okay
for me to think
what will happen to them
if i try to change it
when i'm alone
is not in their head

Is it okay
for me....?

does it matter if its okay to them....?

when does a principle got broken...?

when does the strong gets weaken...?

Its not okay

Its not okay

So stand up

fix it...
and make it okay again.....

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